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Sourced Grocer – New Farm, Brisbane

Sourced Grocer - New Farm

Arriving at Sourced Grocer, you would be forgiven for thinking you’d been teleported to a trendy area of Melbourne. It’s nothing like anywhere I’ve been to in Brisbane before but if it’s the beginning of a new trend, it’s one I’m happy to follow.

Beautiful welcome flowers

As you walk in the enormous entrance, you are welcomed by brilliant blooms. Walk up the multi-coloured, recycled timber stairs, most likely past customers perched sipping their coffees and nibbling on freshly-baked goodies and enter the open-plan grocer/cafe.

The grocer

The name ‘Sourced’ refers to the unique theme of the store. Everything from produce to products for sale and ingredients used in the cafe are sourced from as nearby as possible. It’s a theme I’m a great supporter of and something that has become more prominent in recent times. I believe in buying locally to support Australian businesses, reduce food miles and know where my food is coming from.

A table of goodies

If that doesn’t convince you to dine or shop here then the gorgeous layout of the goods might reel you in. This selection of citrus set atop an old dining table was particularly enticing.

World's greatest tomato sauce

Next time I’m going to pick up a bottle of the world’s greatest tomato sauce. I’m a terrible sucker for ‘world’s best’ anything. I also loved the signage – black marker hand written on brown paper.

The menu and kitchen

The menu is also simple in this eco-friendly cafe. It is hand-written on the subway tiles that line the wall behind the counter – no wasteful printed menus. All the food is freshly prepared in that little space. The downside (a comment from fellow diner) is that they don’t serve any hearty cooked meals to satisfy a big male appetite but I think the ham and cheese croissant could do the trick. Despite lacking cooked items, the menu is quite expansive.

Muesli, yoghurt, honey and berries $11

You can choose between three flavours of Farmer Jo’s muesli if you order the homemade blend. It comes with fresh Baramba yoghurt, luscious strawberries and sweet, golden honey.

Farmer Jo muesli

My friend chose the hazelnut and chocolate orange muesli and judging by the speed he gobbled it down at, it was very much enjoyed. The cute little jug contained milk from Maleny Dairies.

Recycled vases

Even the decorations are recycled and eco-friendly. These re-purposed bottles housed a gorgeous Cynaroide and the other was filled with spaghetti – a great idea for decorating on-the-cheap, or an Italian-themed night!

Sourdough toast with avocado and labne $9.50

I chose the sourdough with avocado and labne for my breakfast. It was highly recommended by the person who also suggested I visit Sourced Grocer.

This was absolutely delicious. When it arrived my first thought was ‘hmm I’m going to be hungry,’ but it turned out it was the perfect size. I was satisfied but not completely stuffed like I often am after eating breakfast out. It was also nice to be given a sharp knife. I really hate trying to get through sourdough toast with a blunt knife.

For those of you who don’t know, labne is a type of cheese that’s made from yoghurt. I’ve made it once before and it’s really quite easy. You can read about it over on my blog.

House blend skinny cappuccino $3.50

The coffee was made from a house blend and reasonably priced at $3.50. I’m not a coffee drinker but the report was that it was a little bit bitter.

Pot of peppermint tea $4.50

I prefer tea with my breakfast and chose peppermint tea from Larsen and Thompson. It was the perfect strength for me and didn’t leave that toothpaste aftertaste that you get from some not-so-good-quality teas.

Bread selection

The bread is supplied fresh from Leavain Bakery. They don’t have a retail outlet as such but do sell at the Jan Power Farmer’s Markets at New Farm. My little slice with breakfast was super tasty and had I not already organised lunch I would have picked up a loaf to try at home.

The cold room

I braved the cold after breakfast and ventured into their walk-in refrigerator to suss out the dairy, meat and fresh produce selection. Everything you need forĀ  a cheese tasting night or a mezze platter can be found in that fridge.

Fancy sausages

The sausages for sale particularly grabbed my attention. I’d never seen such a rainbow of colours before. For Christmas I was given the sausage attachment for my Mixmaster (which I still need to try – anyone have any tips?) so I went home inspired.

Pasta inspiration

Inspiration also struck when I saw these fancy pastas. Saffron pasta and garlic with parsley pasta are now on my ‘must make’ list.

The checkout

These cute posters adorn the wall behind the ‘checkout’ and also feature on their business cards.

My take-home treats

I couldn’t leave a place like that empty handed. I took home a freshly-baked raspberry and coconut friand for my afternoon tea, which was scrumptious, a tiny wheel of cheeseĀ  from The Barossa Valley Cheese company (which I bought purely for the cute name – Babybert) and a butter chicken curry paste from Lush Delights.

Sourced Grocer

If you haven’t been there already I highly recommend a trip to Sourced Grocer. If you’re still not convinced then let me tell you this… A young man sat himself down with the paper a few seats away from us. His order then arrived – two little cakes and a coffee. The person next to him commented on his gluttony and his reply ‘I’m getting married today.’ So if this guy liked it so much he chose it for his last meal, it must be good!

Sourced Grocer

Sourced Grocer located at 11 Florence Street, Teneriffe. The website is still in development but if you have any enquiries you can call them on 07 3852 6734.




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