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Meet Five Fabulous Brisbane Food Bloggers

As much as I love blogging, I am also slightly addicted to reading blogs. I love getting to know different writers, trying their recipes and taking their recommendations. I follow blogs from all over the world but it’s the local ones that really get my interest.

One of my favourite things about reading blogs is getting to know the faces behind them. I asked around and some fabulous Brisbane bloggers were kind enough to respond to a few of my nosy questions about their blogs, their favourite foodie bibs and bobs and local haunts. So without further ado, let me introduce you to five Brisbane bloggers.

A common love of food, sharing great finds, meeting other food-lovers and talking about food unites these lovely ladies.

Kerry Heaney – Eat Drink and Be Kerry

Kerry Heaney

Brisbane blogger number one is Kerry Heaney from Eat Drink and Be Kerry. Kerry started her blog back in April 2008 (before I knew what a blog was!) as a way to share her passion for food. From great finds, passionate producers and top spots to visit, you can find it all on Eat Drink and Be Kerry.

Kerry’s favourites

  • Meal in Brisbane: she couldn’t name just one – The Buffalo Club, Tank and Stokehouse
  • Brisbane picnic spot: around the lake at Roma Street Parkland because it’s dog-friendly
  • Kitchen item: Breville Fast Slow Cooker
  • Brisbane food market: Jan Power’s New Farm market (again because it’s dog-friendly) and Stone’s Corner and Boggo Road markets too
  • Brisbane-based food blog: Natascha Mirosch’s The Foodiste
  • Chef: Maggie Beer because there’s so much to admire about her.
  • Cookbook: Comfort Food by Maureen Simpson – it’s comfort food for family meals
  • Secret food shopping spot: buying prawns fresh from the trawler at Sandgate. It doesn’t get much fresher than that.

I asked each blogger what their favourite food-related moment in a movie is. Kerry’s is the classic ‘I’ll have what she’s having’ moment in When Harry Met Sally because she often suffers from what I like to call order envy.

Salted caramel is Kerry’s secret food indulgence. That also happens to be my favourite flavour of macaron.

Sally LynchFood Ingredients and Kitchen Gadgetry

Sally Lynch

Sally owns and runs Taste Trekkers, offering foodie treks, cooking classes and food styling and consulting. She also just finished assisting with the Foodies Guide to Brisbane – a book choc-full of Brisbane’s best food haunts. Her blog, Food Ingredients and Kitchen Gadgetry was started two years ago when Sally discovered a lack of comprehensive references on ingredients and kitchen gadgets.

Like me, Sally likes that having a blog means having all your resources in one place. It’s your very own online reference to everything you need.

Sally’s favourites

  • Brisbane meal: Degustation at Urbane but any meal shared with friends is a winner for Sally.
  • Brisbane picnic spot: Sally loves the beach on the river up the road from her house in Yeronga. Her second favourite is under the Story Bridge to watch life float by if she is hosting out-of-towners.
  • Kitchen item: A sharp knife closely followed by the Thermomix – ‘it was the first thing I saved when clearing my home for the incoming flood in January.’
  • Brisbane food market: Mount Gravatt – you never know what you’re going to find. Most stalls are the actual producers or their family and there is some bric-a-brac too which keeps Sally happy.
  • Brisbane-based food blog: Small Town Chutney
  • Chef: Christine Manfield for her innovation and healthy attitude toward locally sourced ingredients (she loves local produce but also loves quality produce and is not adverse to bringing in good food sources). She travels a lot and this is reflected in her knowledge of cultures and use of different produce and products.
  • Recipe book: Stephanie Alexander’s Food Companion and Longrain by Martin Boetz

Big Night is one of Sally’s favorite movies. She loves the Italian passion. Her favourite scene is the prep for The Big Night and the final frittata scene is a ‘tear jerker’.

I love the sound of Sally’s secret food indulgence – good cheese and wine for dinner – lots of it.

Natalie Hockey – Tea for Six

Natalie Hockey

Natalie started Tea for Six in mid 2010 as an online record of all her favourite recipes. Natalie says ‘In my less than organised moments you will often find me standing in a supermarket isle looking up Tea For Six on my phone so I know what ingredients I need to buy for dinner!’ She’s not the only one there. I quite often have to look up my blog in the middle of the supermarket. Even Sally’s friend Mandy looks up her own brownie recipe on Tea For Six.

Motivated by good recipes and a love of sharing, Sally often finds herself in foodie conversations with everyone from kids to grandmothers. People often share their family recipes with her which is something she values. There’s something extra special about a recipe passed down through generations.

Natalie’s favourites

  • Brisbane meals: meals at friends’ houses. A meal of crispy pan-fried salmon, boiled new potatoes, perfectly cooked greens with hollandaise sauce stands out.  ‘Joel and I had had an exhausting few months with our first-born who was a premmie and kind friends had us over and made us feel so loved and so special.’
  • Brisbane picnic spot: The local park, at the end of Natalie’s street.  It makes for a nice change of scenery for an early Summer dinner without having to jump in the car.  Sometimes neighbourhood friends are out walking and will drop past to say hello.
  • Kitchen item: Furi cooking knife – ‘it was a gift at our wedding 10 years ago and I am still using it several times a day.  Love it!’
  • Brisbane market: Northey Street Organic Growers Market as it’s convenient.
  • Brisbane-based food blog: Mélanger Baking – it’s always beautiful and inspiring
  • Chef/s: Judy Rodgers, Rose Gray, Alice Waters and our own Stephanie Alexander.  All four have a love for quality, seasonal produce and create dishes with heart.  They aren’t interested in trends but have a deep respect for the ingredients.
  • Cookbook: ‘Sadly two-thirds of my cookbooks are packed away at present as we are waiting for our new house to be built.  So I have been surviving without my Stephanie Alexander ‘The Cooks Companion’ and my collection of Bill Granger books.  So my most used cookbook that is not packed away these last few months has been Annabel Langbein’s ‘The Free Range Cook’.’

Natalie’s favourite food moment in a movie is when Bob Wiley enjoys a home cooked meal of ‘hand shucked’ corn, mashed potato and chicken in ‘What About Bob’. She’s a big fan of Bill Murray.

Natalie’s friend Lousia got her onto Cointreau drizzled over ice-cream and it’s been her secret indulgence ever since.

Eliza – Gastronomy Gal

Gastronomy girl

Eliza shares her foodie adventures at Gastronomy Gal.

I love the story of how she started her blog so I’ll leave it to her to explain it:

I live and breathe food and I did a degree in communications/PR/Media so I had been thinking about starting a website or blog before I even knew about the whole food blog trend. One cloudy rainy day, in early 2007, I went out for breakfast at a popular cafe in Paddington. My p.i.e. (partner in eating) and I ordered what we thought were pretty simple, fail -safe dishes only to be immensely disappointed when everything was just so wrong. They even managed to stuff up the toast. I took this pretty personally. It was then and there I started writing notes- I just wanted people to have a resource that they could check with so that when they wanted to spend their hard earned money but it wasn’t until 2009 that I actually started the blog properly.

Eliza’s favourites

  • Meal in Brisbane: Honey Bavarian cream with compressed apple, gingerbread and apple and coriander sorbet at E’cco ‘blew my socks off’ closely followed by various versions of scallops at Simpatico.
  • Brisbane picnic spot: New Farm park
  • Kitchen item: Island bench. I totally agree – you can never have too much space in the kitchen.
  • Brisbane market: Jan Power’s Powerhouse markets – although it’s a little bit more expensive you get to talk to a lot of the farmers themselves and there are some interesting, quality products for sale too.
  • Brisbane-based food blogger: there were too many great ones to choose from
  • Chef: Tetsuya – he’s pretty old-school and dedicated to the craft.
  • Cookbook – Natalie loves her grandma’s collection of recipes that she’s planning on transferring to recipe cards – for now she just thumbs through a massive bag of them.
  • Secret food-shopping spot The Noosa Farmer’s markets (I second that Natalie!)

I hadn’t seen Ratatouille until recently but I have to agree with Eliza that the scene where Remy has a magical food experience is the perfect movie moment.

Natalie’s secret food indulgence is spoonfuls of Nuttella. Otherwise it’s making a stuffing for a roast and eating it raw.

Jacqui – Everyday Cook


Jacqui from Everyday Cook is a Brisbane girl having a little overseas adventure in Paris. She’s been there for a few months now is blogging about all her food adventures in the City of Love. Jacqui used to get a lot of requests for her recipes and she spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Starting a blog seemed like a good way to pass on her expertise. Finding it visually pleasing to create a great meal or bake a delicious cake, Jacqui must have no trouble finding inspiration from all the wonderful fresh food markets in Paris.

Jacqui’s favourites:

  • Brisbane meal: Field mushrooms with olive toast, parmesan, truffle oil and lemon at E’cco. The mussels are irresistible too. ‘I like the way Philip Johnston uses fresh produce and simple combinations that bring out the best in the produce.’
  • Brisbane picnic spot: Jacqui’s balcony because it has a great view and she doesn’t have to drive or pack anything.
  • Kitchen item: ‘Until my recent trip to Paris, I would have answered this question with gusto! My Kitchen Aid, My Tagine, my this, my that. Now that I have lived in a rental apartment for five months, I know there is nothing I can’t do without. I have used wine bottles for rolling pins, potato mashers for blenders, and wine glasses as cookie cutters.’
  • Brisbane market: West End – every Saturday you can find a multi-cultural array of food. French goats cheese, Vietnamese basil and all sorts of products. ‘I like the mix of people there too.’
  • Brisbane food blogger: Again there are too many to choose from. They’re all listed here.
  • Chef: Phillip Johnston
  • Cookbook: Jacqui doesn’t have a favourite. She uses them as inspiration rather than following recipes (sounds like a great idea to me).
  • Brisbane food-shopping secret: Fortitude Valley for Indian and Asian ingredients and the Burlington Supermarket.

Jacqui’s favourite food moment in film is in Babette’s Feast is when they are presented with the most amazing meal. The look on their faces as they experience the joy of delicious food is precious.

Choc-a-holic Jacqui’s favourite food indulgence is chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.

I asked each blogger what their strangest food combination is and these were their responses in no particular order:

  • bacon popcorn
  • peanut butter and jam sandwiches
  • orange and fennel salad
  • ice-cream and pickled onions

Can you guess which response came from which blogger?

I hope you enjoyed meeting these wonderful bloggers. Be sure to check out their blogs!

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